Whether on your navel, nipples, tongue, ears or nose, piercings are indisputably on trend, navel piercings being right at the forefront. Below you can find out what is important when it comes to navel piercings, how a navel piercing is done, how expensive it is and from what age you can get one.

Where is a navel piercing done?

There are several places where navel piercings are carried out. The most popular option for a navel piercing is the skin fold above the navel. However, this kind of piercing can also be done below the navel or on the side of the navel. These variants are less well-known and therefore less common. If the skin in that area is suitable for a piercing, being not too thin and the skin fold is both tight and large enough, the side and the underside of the navel are perfect for a navel piercing.

Do you need a certain navel shape for a navel piercing?

The most important prerequisite for a navel piercing is a sufficiently large skin fold. In some people this skin area is particularly tight and in others less, whereas in some others the navel is curved outwards and in others inwards. As everyone’s skin around the navel is different, the piercer must decide on an individual basis. Some navels are ideal for a navel piercing and others are not suitable.

As already mentioned, the decisive factor for a navel piercing is the skin fold around the navel. A professional piercer will recognize whether the abdominal fold is suitable for a navel piercing. It is important to notice that, in principle, an outwardly curved navel does not preclude a navel piercing. However, it is somewhat more difficult to find the right place.

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At what age can you get a navel piercing?

In essence, any piercing is a bodily injury and therefore a criminal offence, so this also applies to navel piercings. For this reason, every piercer must obtain a written declaration of consent before piercing. It is also mandatory for piercers to ask young people to show their identity card, as this serves as proof of age.

In general, a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for anybody under the age of 18. This declaration of consent must be in writing – a verbal declaration is not sufficient. Conveniently, piercing studios usually have a form so that it can be filled in and handed it in together with a copy of the parent or legal guardian‘s ID. Thus, nothing stands in the way of navel piercing. It is certainly even better if parents or guardians come along at the same time so that any questions can be answered and all worries eliminated.

For anyone under the age of 14, it is advisable to wait a little longer before getting a navel piercing, simply because the skin is still quite sensitive at this age, the body is still growing and the piercing could cause pain or, in the worst case, even tear out. Therefore, professional piercers generally reject people under the age of 14 for a navel piercing.

How is a navel piercing done?

If you want to get a navel piercing, the first step is to find a professional studio that works hygienically and gives you expert advice. This follows a few formalities: a written declaration of consent must be submitted before the piercing is pierced. As already mentioned, anybody under the age of 18 needs a written declaration of consent from their parents or legal guardians.

Then the procedure continues: the abdomen must be cleared, the location of the belly button piercing is determined and the insertion point of the belly button is marked at two points. One point is intended for the insertion of the piercing and the other one for its exit. Once the right spot for the navel piercing has been found, the area is cleaned and disinfected. It is essential that a professional piercer always works with medical gloves! Next, the navel is anaesthetized with ice spray or cream. The skin fold at the navel is then grasped with a pair of pliers, pierced with a cannula, the navel piercing is inserted and closed with a screw ball. The whole procedure only takes a few seconds.

Is navel piercing painful?

As an anesthetic cream or spray is used when piercing the navel, it usually causes little or no pain at all. Usually only a brief pressure is felt. After piercing and once anesthesia has worn off, a slight pulling or pressing sensation may be felt. After all, this is an open wound. In order to favour rapid healing, tight clothing should not be worn. Awkward movements can also irritate the navel piercing. Additionally, the area should be disinfected and cleaned regularly. It is good to know that when a navel piercing is done, very little or no blood at all escapes, as the area surrounding the navel is not very well supplied with blood.

How much does a navel piercing cost?

The cost of a navel piercing varies from studio to studio. In general, it ranges between €50 and €60, including piercing and care products.


A navel piercing is a popular piece of body jewelry that can be located in various places on the navel. Ideally, there should be a sufficiently large and firm skin fold at the navel. A professional piercing studio always requires a declaration of consent to have navel piercings done. Anybody under the age of 18 needs a written declaration of consent from their parents or legal guardians. When piercing the navel, the surrounding area is anaesthetized so that you can hardly feel the piercing.