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Gero was born in Poland and has been tattooing for approximately 14 years. A tattoo artist can count, but he has never really been interested in how many years he has been working in this profession. Born in 1984, Gero started tattooing at the art academy last year. Actually, he wanted to design furniture, and that is what he did, even at the art academy. However, what really fascinated him was covering furniture materials with tattoos, the design of the surface being incredibly important to him. That is why he bought a tattoo machine. Gero started practising in a local tattoo studio, and somehow he sticks to it.

An excerpt from Gero’s works

Would you like to get a tattoo which does not need a lot of colours but still looks three-dimensional? Gero’s specialty is greywash – maybe he can get your tattoo in Cologne! Cover-ups are always an interesting challenge for Gero, which he gladly accepts.

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