Realistic, anime

Mouggri comes from Greece, where he was born in 1983. Mouggri has been tattooing professionally since 2008, but started drawing as a small child. Mouggri won drawing competitions at school. For him, it has been a natural progression to become a tattoo artist. He himself describes tattoos as the next evolutionary step after drawing. Just as single-celled organisms eventually develope into complex life forms that constantly adapt to their habitat, Mouggri’s art of drawing adapts children drawings, tattoos for adults or any other drawings.

An excerpt from Mouggri’s works

Mouggri enriches our tattoo studio in Cologne with his realism in black and grey. At least that is what he prefers to do. In fact, he has already done many tattoos which are traditional, borrowed from anime or neo-traditional in colour. Anything goes! Mouggri brings an incredible variety to our studio and is looking forward to your input!

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