Realistic, colour tattoos

Our Russian artist Vasi has been tattooing since 2014. Born in 1997, she is an incredibly creative person and likes a profession in which she can also deal with people and communicate. It is important to her to make people happy with her tattoos. In fact, Vasi achieves it with every single tattoo which she does.

An excerpt from Vasi’s works

Vasi has her own style and prefers to do realistic black and grey tattoos. However, each of her tattoos also has a touch of colour – monochrome of a special kind, if you will. This tiny hint of colour gives her tattoos a kind of luminosity that we have never seen before. This is truly unique in our team. Perhaps Vasi can do your dream tattoo in Cologne…

Your tattoo in 3 steps

1. consultation
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2. Make an appointment
Make an appointment.
3. Getting a tattoo / Having a tattoo done
Your tattoo dream will be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere.