Micro realism, fineline

“Welcome to Zanone Tattoo, where art meets skin! I’m Guilherme Zanone, also known as “Zanone Tattoo,” a 25-year-old Brazilian artist with 6 years of tattooing experience. From a young age, my passion for drawing led me into the world of tattoos. Each tattoo embodies my passion and dedication, transforming your ideas into unique works of art. Throughout my exploration of various styles, I have specialized in perfecting mini realism.”

An excerpt from Zanone’s works

“Let’s work together to turn your visions and concepts into stunning tattoos that reflect your personality and individuality.”

Your tattoo in 3 steps

1. consultation
In your first consultation you will receive personalized information on your tattoo. Contact us on our email address or superchat (bottom right symbol).
2. Make an appointment
Make an appointment.
3. Getting a tattoo / Having a tattoo done
Your tattoo dream will be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere.